La gamma più completa di soluzioni Mobile per essere sempre aggiornati sull’andamento della borsa LME

Cell-Data International has available solutions for all types of users:

  • App for iPhone / Android / WindowsPhone
  • Mobile menu for traditional mobile phones and BlackBerry

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Cell-Data App

The app is the most simple and intuitive way to access the world of services offered by Cell-Data for all those who work on non-ferrous metals

In fact, these are solutions for people who are often out of the office for business on metals and needs to be updated instantly when a negotiation takes shape

The App provides information about:
• LME cash and 3 months quotations in real-time
• Main exchange-rates in real-time
• LME Stocks daily updated
• Current day and previous day Settlement
• Metals monthly averages daily updated

In addition news from the world of metals and not only; historical graphs and daily graphs in real time.

Ask for a free trial of the service and discover the benefits to have always with you the metals market updated in real time.


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Партнеры и сотрудничество

Cell-Data International гордится многолетними конвенциями и соглашениями с ведущими национальными и международными федерациями в области цветных металлов.