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LME Quotations Service and other market data

Official prices of the London Metal Exchange in real time and delayed available via PC, Smartphone and Tablet in a simple and intuitive way

  • Real-time quotations of currencies and precious metals, of minor metals
  • STEEL Section complete with the new LME Steel Rebar and Scrap contracts
  • SCRAPS Price list updated and extended to non-ferrous and ferrous metals

Market Analysis & Forecast

Services for the in-depth understanding of the dynamic trends of the non-ferrous metals prices in order to take advantage of opportunities

Weekly Reports of Market Analysis and Price Forecast
In our platform are available reports on:
All Non-Ferrous metals, Precious Metals, €/$ currency cross, Minor Metals, Steel products, Scraps.
Each report contains commented charts, levels and price ranges of strategic importance for the weeks following the publication.
The analysis of price trends is focused on short and medium term both in Euro and in Dollars.

Daily LME exchange trading comments
Summary report published twice a day, 9:15 am and 3:00 pm (Milan – Italy time) with the basic data of metals updated at the time of publication accompanied by a comment and overview on the stock exchange trading day.

Daily news on non-ferrous metals, steel, precious and on financial and business topics

Cell-Data International and Faro Club


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