An essential support on LME trading

How many times did you hear from your LME broker a different price, which you don’t find on our, or on another platform?

How many times did you want to look into metals price trends further for your physical and Futures purchases?
Now these problems are solved.

Was born REAL TRADE, a brand new menu of specific contents, which allows to be aligned with your broker and to analyze the LME price trends in full autonomy:
LME real time non ferrous metals quotations with details of traded lots and prices of the day
Customization possibility: view of the page, list of the metals ( excluding the not interesting ones), zoom to trading book in real time
Interactive charts, financial style, with graphical and statistic analyses tool

All this is already available, free of charge till 31/12/2016 in the all inclusive Cell-Data packages in real time or delayed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use REAL TRADE to improve your business every day!

For further information and clarification feel you free to contact us.
A successful trading day for everybody.

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